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Today the Auxiliary is a group of individuals that do not run the calls but are the support group for the squad. 

They help raise money for the Squad in the form of their semi-annual Chicken BBQs, raffles, cooking lots of dinners, making chocolate Easter eggs, and selling RADA knives and products to name a few.


The Cave Spring Rescue Squad Auxiliary was founded in 1967 by a group of women, most of them wives of crew members, at a time when women were not permitted to join the CSRS crew. They none the less did all the tasks as the men and responded to calls. Over the years when the segregation ended, the Auxiliary's roll shifted to more of a support capacity for the men and women of the CSRS crew.

Auxiliary Today

In addition to raising funds, they are also very active in the community. They help elementary schools in Roanoke County by donating schools supplies and nutritious snacks for under privileged children. They sponsor the elections by allowing the Roanoke County electoral board to use their meeting room as a designated voting precinct.

The Auxiliary is also active in the District and State levels of the Auxiliary to the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads. Several of their members hold offices in these organizations. 

Community Support

The Auxiliary's most important aspect is to be there waiting in the wings for times that our Squad needs assistance. We help prepare meals for meetings, provide "birthday" cakes at their monthly business meetings, provide refreshments when they host open houses, and come down and have meals available if they are out for extended periods on calls or if they are pulling a holiday shift. They also send out thank you cards for all donations to the squad.

The Auxiliary helps with planning every detail of the Holiday party, from the invitations and meal, to the DJ procurement. At the Holiday party, all the members are recognized and honored for all their hard work and dedication from the previous year. This is also where the Crew is presented the Auxiliary "gift" of monies raised throughout the year.​

Crew Support
Vickie Arnold

Auxiliary President

If you feel that donating your time in this capacity is something you could do, please fill out an application, give us a call, or come by. You can contact Vickie Arnold, President at 540-529-7760 or come by on our meeting night (the last Wednesday of every month) at 7:00pm.
We look forward to having your help in our all-volunteer rescue squad auxiliary.
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