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Our volunteer line and business officers are elected by the membership each November to serve at the beginning of each year for a term of 12 months. They serve above and beyond, putting in extra hours of service to the agency and community. The support staff are appointed by their corresponding line or business officer supervisor.


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Logan Spencer


Logan is in charge of all operations at CSRS. He currently works at Roanoke County 911. He hopes to pursue law enforcement in the future. He has a Masters in Criminal Justice from John Jay College in New York.

Michael Clark

Deputy Chief

Mike serves primarily as the membership officer and second in command. He works in the Trauma Registry office at Roanoke Memorial Hospital. Mike has a Masters of Public Administration degree earned from Virginia Tech.

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Erick Wallin

Training Lt.

Erick is responsible for ensuring proper training of all members and quality patient care. He works for the Town  of Christiansburg EMS as a full-time EMT and is currently in RUC Paramedic Program 

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Connor Jarczynski

Logistics Lt.

Connor supervises the selection, maintenance, and record keeping of all medical supplies and oversees the station maintenance. He is a full-time EMT for Carilion Clinic 

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Lindsey Arnold

Equipment Lt.

Lindsey oversees the selection and maintenance of all rescue apparatus and equipment. He is currently our longest running member (40+ years) and works as a truck mechanic.

Business Officers 

Laura Alexander
Griffin Pritts
Kelsey Cone
Pam Cooper


Vice President



Laura is in charge of and has oversight of all business related aspects of CSRS. She works for Carilion Children's Pediatric Therapies as Clinical Team Leader and Physical Therapist.

Griffin assists the President in the discharge of her duties and serves in her absence. 

Kelsey records all business meeting minutes, integrates amendments to the CSRS constitution, and writes and receives the legal correspondence of CSRS.

Pam handles the financial responsibilities of CSRS and maintains all records. She is also tasked with paying all approved bills and tracking incoming donations and expenditures.

Steve provides non-denominational pastoral support to the members and Auxiliary of CSRS and to their families in times of need.


Susan serves as the primary point of contact for the media and coordinates public relations events.

Susan Hanson 

Public Information Officer


Coordinator of Academic, Associate, and Reserve Life

Steve Ferguson

Steve assists the Deputy Chief with duties relating to and coordination of the Academic, Associate, and Reserve Life membership.

Informational Technologies

Jon Riggins

Jon oversees and maintains the station's computer equipment and networks.


Steve Ferguson

Cave Spring Rescue Squad



The Auxiliary provides support to the membership of CSRS in their operations and duties, including assisting with fundraisers and cooking meals. For more info on our Auxiliary, click here. 

Dr. Bernier allows CSRS to operate under her medical license. She is currently an Emergency Medicine Physician at Carillion-Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

Carol Bernier

Operational Medical Director

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