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Observer Information

Anyone in the community is welcome to come and observe what our crews do without obligation to join. Whether you simply want to see EMS in action, need patient contacts for an EMT class, or if you are considering joining and want first hand experience of what volunteering is like and what our crews face while performing their duties, this is for you.

What an Observer Does

As the name suggests, an Observer simply observes. They will participate in all the tasks our crews perform each night. That includes riding on an ambulance to every call, going into patients houses or stopping on the side of the road for a car accident. You will see the crew performing patient assessments and treatments, ride with the patient in the ambulance to the hospital and go inside the emergency room. You may even see someone cut out of a car or respond to a house fire.

If you have any questions regarding the Citizen Observer Program

feel free to email

How to Become an Observer

In order to receive Observer clearance you must submit to and pass a Virginia State Police Background check. Once you are cleared, we will contact you and give you instructions on how to sign up for shifts.

Looking for information on becoming a member?

Click here

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