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Cave Spring Rescue Squad Puts New Ambulance Into Service

Cave Spring Rescue Squad is now providing emergency medical services to Roanoke County citizens with a brand new ambulance. The new ambulance’s identification number is 32.

The ambulance cost more than $195,000. The Virginia Department of Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services provided a grant from the Rescue Squad Assistance Fund that contributed $84,950 towards the cost of the ambulance. The Cave Spring Rescue Squad Auxiliary also contributed financially to the cost and provided some new equipment to be used on the vehicle. The rest of the ambulance’s cost was raised primarily by donations from community members over the past several years.

The cost of the ambulance itself does not include the cost of installed equipment and available supplies stored on the vehicle. The equipment and supplies are valued at around $75,000.

The ambulance is fitted with a new safety device, the Howler. The Howler is a low frequency tone siren. When the Howler is activated, vehicles in front of the ambulance will hear and feel the siren, allowing the ambulance to respond more safely and quickly to calls for medical assistance.

Cave Spring Rescue Squad started the process for obtaining a new ambulance in September 2013. The new ambulance was delivered in January 2015. Medical equipment and supplies were installed on the ambulance and it was placed into service on February 24.

The chassis is a 2015 Ford F-450. The body was manufactured by Excellance in Madison, Ala.

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